Are you looking for a piano teacher for yourself or your gifted child?  A teacher who will go beyond the basics and can take you as far as you can go?  Are you a pianist who is experiencing physical discomfort as you play?  Or do you feel that you are stuck on your musical path, having trouble reaching your potential?  Is your practice dull and routine, and you wish it could be more?  Do you love the work of learning new music and want to share it, but you experience anxiety when you try to perform?

If you answered yes, I'm here to tell you that I can help you.

Creating in sound and color is my life.  Teaching how to play with physical ease and magical expression is my calling.

In 2013 I was feeling stuck as a pianist.  I felt I was meant to be more than I was.  I had been teaching and performing for decades.  I felt the magic of performing for others, and loved how sharing music made me feel alive.  But I always felt anxious and sick before I had to play a solo.  My stomach did the butterfly-thing, my back tensed up, my arms and hands forgot how to release weight into the keys, and I just wasn't enjoying myself.  Then I read Madeline Bruser's book, The Art of Practicing: A Guide to Making Music From the Heart.  I attended her workshop and studied with her for 2 years.  My playing was transformed!  I learned to relax my whole body.  I learned to adopt a posture that allowed me to listen at a totally different level.  I learned to appreciate myself and my audience so that I could share my heart through my music.

I am now privileged to share that with my students. 

If this sounds like something you are looking for, I hope you will contact me. 

Located in St. Paul, Minnesota, I am available for private piano lessons either in person or online. 

I am available to perform at your special occasion, wedding or funeral, within the Greater Twin cities area.



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