Piano study requires inner determination and regular practice. 
When you practice mindfully, you develop skills.
With skills you can enjoy making music and become able to learn on your own.


1.  ACCEPT THAT THIS IS A GRADUAL PROCESS.  be willing to take small steps, and congratulate yourself for getting started and for taking those small steps.

2.  SCHEDULE YOUR PRACTICE.  Allow time in your schedule to do relaxed, mindful practice.  Try to practice the same time every day, 6 days a week.  The most important day to practice is on the same day immediately after your lesson.  Allow at least 30 minutes, if you are a beginner, and increase the amount as you progress, up to 90 minutes a day for advanced students.  Please speak to me about any concerns that may arise regarding practicing.

 3. ENJOY YOUR PRACTICE.   Provide a good practice atmosphere.  Have a well-lit piano in a quiet area away from noise and distraction, a working metronome, a bench at the proper height and a footstool for the smaller students.  Tune the piano at least once a year and repair it as soon as possible when necessary.  An acoustic piano is best.

4.  PRACTICE LISTENING.  Hear yourself as you are practicing.  Listen to a variety of music, including classical music, often.  Listen to Minnesota Public Radio while driving in the car, to recordings, attend concerts at school, community or professional venues. 

5.  PRACTICE PERFORMING:  For family and friends, when you are ready, and when it would feel good to do it.

6.  PRACTICE BEING PREPARED FOR YOUR LESSON:   Please arrive for your lesson no earlier than 5 minutes before your scheduled time.  Enter quietly and wait quietly to avoid disturbing an ongoing lesson.  Bring ALL YOUR MUSIC, trimmed nails, clean hands, and no food or beverages.  Students should take care of music by keeping it in a SPECIAL CARRYING CASE or bag.

7.  BORROWED MUSIC:  From time to time I loan books to students.  Please return them in a timely manner and treat them carefully.  

8.  CONFLICTS:  Please call if you are unable to make it to a lesson, as soon as you know you won’t be able to make it.  If you call to cancel a lesson less than 24 hours from your scheduled time, I expect you to pay for that lesson.  If you are sick, please do not come to your lesson.  If you feel well enough to have a lesson over Skype, call ahead and we'll arrange for that.

9. IN CASES OF INCLEMENT WEATHER, please call to arrange for an online lesson.  If an online lesson is not feasible, I will not charge for lessons that have to be cancelled because of bad weather.

10. FOR CHILDREN WHO ARE TAKING LESSONS, parents are required to attend each lesson during the first year and take notes during the lesson and supervise practice at home.  After the first year of lessons, parents may leave the student alone for the lesson.